Wildland Registry

Welcome to the Wildland Registry

Wildland Registry is a brainchild born out of necessity and ingenuity! Bringing together Agencies, Contractors and Fire Fighters in the most efficient way.

We are a new company, with a new concept that is going to change the pace of this entire industry. We are excited to announce that we will begin business for the 2022 fire season by connecting wildland firefighters, private contractors, and agencies together in one spot. We are offering some much-needed support within this ever-expanding industry and will continuously add more perks based on all of your feedback, making life and business easier for all our partners in The Wildland Fire industry.

This is a one stop site for training resources, employment, red cards, certification storage, experience logs and more.


Assured that Fire Fighters and Contractors are trained and in compliance. Less work on your end finding contractors that meet your requests because the contractors have a large pool of qualified and vetted Firefighters to choose from. Listing their employee rosters and active VIPR contracts, allowing you to verify contractors’ validity quicker and more efficiently.


Easing the stress on your H/R team, keeping a pool of leased, trained and available Fire Fighters ready to mobilize the second you need them. There is no additional new hire paperwork to gather or red cards to create. It is all automated and pre-assigned for you. With workman’s compensation insurance handled, you can fill your roster with just a click of a button. No more worrying about how to fill your Resource Orders!

Fire Fighters

All training and certifications are stored and verified, Payroll all comes from Wildland Registry, only one place to go for your year-end tax records. You are connected to many Contractors and can view their information and rate of pay prior to connecting with them. The ability to change your availability status to take time off or aggressively look for more work within the region you would like allows for your most profitable season yet!

The team here at Wildland Registry is excited to launch our industry changing company and be a service to all involved.  We also want to continue to evolve and collaborate with our industry partners to make everyone’s experience and business better.

Please join us and grow with us, creating a magnificent experience.

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